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Competence is a rare commodity, so we’re happy to be the most dependable and professional prom limousine rental company in Seattle.Our chauffeurs are fully licensed, attentive to every one of your needs, and extremely professional. Not only are they dressed from head to toe in appropriate attire, but they also perform all the essential chauffeur duties, including opening doors. For the entire rental period, our drivers are at your beck and call. Our dedication to customers is what sets us apart from the competition in the Seattle area. Arriving on time is only part of what customer service means to us; we make sure our customers are as relaxed as possible.


Be there to send off your teen — you’ll probably be taking pictures with limo, anyway — and don’t go to sleep until you know they’ve made it home safely. Make sure your teen knows this.


We’re not suggesting you sit your teen down for a lecture, but it’s important to talk about the reality of prom night. Talking about everything that could go wrong isn’t fun, but it’s important that you express your thoughts and concerns, and allow your teen to do the same.

Make sure you talk about topics like underage drinking and peer pressure before prom night. Remember: it’s a conversation; not an intimidation game.


Be there to send off your teen — you’ll probably be taking pictures with limo, anyway — and don’t go to sleep until you know they’ve made it home safely. Make sure your teen knows this.

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get the itinerary

Make certain that you have the full schedule for the evening. Know where the venue is located, what stops the vehicle will be making, when the event begins and ends, when to expect them home, and where they will be dining out beforehand, if applicable.


be avaiblable

It’s imperative that you are available on prom night and to make sure your teen knows this. Not only will it reduce your own stress, but your teen’s stress too. It’s reassuring to know that you are there if they need you and that they can call if they need help.

Let them know that you won’t judge them or say “I told you so” if they call for help. Little things like this are the difference between feeling safe and actually being safe.


talk to other parents

One thing that can make a big difference on prom night is to know the parents of your teen’s date and friends and to speak with all of them. Talk about an appropriate curfew and lay out the ground rules. This can really help reduce stress, and it works for all types of get-togethers — not just prom.



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Let’s face it: your teen doesn’t want you to drop them and their date off at prom. On an occasion as important as prom night, you don’t want to leave transportation to chance. Trust us: after 10+ years in business, we’ve seen it all. Like the frantic mother who called us in a panic on the day of her daughter’s prom because the company she booked with — and paid in full! — never showed up. Luckily, we had a limo available so we were able to bail her out of her predicament. Imagine if this happened on your teen’s prom day! Up until now, you’ve probably never had to book limo or Party bus. A lot of companies realize this and prey on the lack of knowledge, touting super low pricing — and they end up being a scam. Whichever company you choose for your teen’s prom night transportation, make sure you do your research. Check out online reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations. You and your teen deserve safe, reliable prom limo on prom night, as well as exceptional customer service, realistic pricing, and professionalism. Customers who book with UBER Limousine can expect just that. We’re proud to have earned a reputation as one of the Seattle  most trusted, reliable, and professional party bus rental and limo service providers.


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